Below is important information if you select same bed during the renewal process for the CTY 2023-24 lease period.

What does “same bed” mean? You don’t have to move-out on Friday, July 28. You also will get to stay during the transition period of Friday, July 28 to Tuesday, August 22.


Lease Transition Requirements Between July 28 at 12pm – Sunday, August 20

The last day of your 2022-23 lease is on Friday, July 28 by 12pm. If you selected to remain in the same bedroom for the 2023-34 lease year, you are not required to move out of your space. 

The Make Ready Team that prepares apartments by August 20 consisting of maintenance, cleaning, and painters, will be accessing apartments between 8am – 8pm between July 28 and August 20. They will not be entering occupied bedroom spaces for the make ready process. There will NOT be a notice of dates/times between July 28–August 20 that maintenance, cleaning, painters, etc will be entering units. All staff will knock on front doors for 20-25 seconds prior to entering.

South Campus Commons staff will be entering apartments on Friday, July 28 to complete a move-out inspection. Also, sometime between July 28 and August 6, a highly trained dog that detects pests will enter the apartment to seek out potential pest issues (they are usually in the apartment for 3 – 5 minutes). To assist with detection the staff may remove part of your sheets to get a closer detection of the mattress area.

The lease states that residents may be charged a $450 violation fee if you do not comply with preparing your apartment during the July 28 – August 20 transition period. It is our hope that you work with us in helping create a great first impression for your future roommate(s). 

What do I have to do for the transition period of July 28, 2023 – August 20, 2023? The South Campus Commons team works diligently to get apartments ready for new students that are moving in on Sunday, August 20, 2023. To make sure your future roommate(s) has a great experience on August 20, we need you to do the following by July 28 at 12pm at the latest:


• All Kitchen items must be in cabinets and cabinet space needs to be made for your new roommate(s). (Example: If you live in a 4 bed/2 bath and getting two new roommates, at least 50% of the cabinet space should be empty for the new roommates.)
• The sink, stove, and counter tops must be free of personal items.
• Refrigerator must be cleaned out and kept clean during the transition period. Items can only be stored on the top shelf in the refrigerator (Items should not be stored on top of the fridge or on the refrigerator door so cleaners can properly clean)

Shared Bathrooms

• All personal items in the bathroom must be off the countertops, bathtub, sink, floors and medicine cabinets.
• Cabinets and sink vanity must be emptied of all items.
• All bathroom items should be stored in the individual bedroom, except the shower curtains, which may be left on. (If the person you are sharing the bathroom with is a same bed resident you don’t have to do this. If the person you are sharing the bathroom with is moving out on July 28, you do have to do this.)

Common Areas

• All non-SCC items and decorations must be removed from the common area including taken down from the walls and ceiling (TV’s can remain in common area).
• Furniture items from persons not on the current lease term should not be stored in the apartment. If your roommate moves out on July 28 and leaves items in kitchen/living room behind, we are going to assume they are yours. Please alert us by emailing us at by Monday, July 31 by 12pm if your roommate left items behind in the kitchen/living room. After this date we consider anything in the apartment to be owned by people staying for the 2023-24 lease period.

Your apartment must remain like this from July 28, 2023 – August 20, 2023 at 5pm. This helps our cleaning team, maintenance team, painters, etc to prepare the apartment so that your future roommate has a welcoming move-in experience. If you plan on being away during the period of July 28 – August 20, you will need to ensure this is completed before departing.

Other Important Information

• The 2022-23 lease expires on July 28, 2023, and the 2023-24 lease begins on Sunday, August 20, 2023. As stated in Section 15 of the lease, you are permitted to stay in the apartment during this “lease transition period” by following these guidelines. To prepare units common area to a satisfactory condition for new roommates, it does require many entry points of the Make Ready Team. If this is something that you find bothersome, it may be in your best interest to return at your permanent home.

 • After cleaners have entered your apartment between July 28 and August 20 it will be your responsibility to maintain the cleaning so that your future roommate(s) walk into a clean apartment on move-in day. A series of final inspections will be completed ahead of move-in and your apartment must be ready for your new roommate(s) by this date and time. Anything not in compliance (or if the common area is unclean for your new roommate) would be eligible for a $450 violation fee.

What if everyone in my apartment is returning same bed? If you fall under this category, we will not be turning your apartment because all of you are coming back for 2023-24. However, if that were to change and one of your roommates were to transfer their lease, that immediately changes your apartment status, and we would need to turn the common area for a new roommate. If that were to happen all apartment occupants will have to get their apartment turn ready by July 28 at 12pm.

• You cannot let your new roommate(s) or their belongings move-in early (prior to August 22).

 • On August 1 your first installment is due for your new 2023-24 lease. If you have reoccurring payments log into your resident portal and update your payment information. Automatic payments do not carry over between lease years and must be re-established each August.
4 Bed – 2 Bath | $1,016 per installment | Total Rate $12,192
3 Bed – 2 Bath | $1,060 per installment | Total Rate $12,720
2 Bed – 2 Bath | $1,162 per installment | Total Rate $13,944
1 Bed – 1 Bath | $1,396 per installment | Total Rate $16,752
Studio | $1,380 per installment | Total Rate $16,560

*This installment is applied towards your 2023-24 lease. You are not paying for July 28th-August 20 because this is the lease transition period. Your new lease begins on August 20, 2023 and concludes on July 27, 2024. The total rate of your apartment type is divided into 12 installments with the first installment being due on August 1, 2023.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in the Management Office via email or call us at 301 314 2499. We are here to help! Thank you so much for helping to create a welcoming environment for your new roommate!

SCC Turn Calendar and Tracker 

The South Campus Commons tentative turn schedule will be posted prior to move out. This is shared to help same-bed residents prepare for the lease transition period. These calendars are only a tentative plan for when each building is expecting to get each trade for the transition period.  Please remember we are preparing over 500 apartments, so this plan is fluid and can be affected by the amount of time each individual apartment needs. The entry dates may be earlier or later by a day or two depending on how quickly work can be completed. 

All entries can occur any time between 8 AM and 8 PM, 7 days a week. This will include completion of work, inspections, and go-back / touch up work based on those inspections. No prior notice will be provided during this period.

To view an example of the Calendars and Progress Tracking tools from this past year, please CLICK HERE.  This will be replaced with the current year’s schedule and tracking shortly before move out.