South Campus Commons Move in Video!

Welcome to South Campus Commons!

We are excited to welcome our SCC Terps back to campus in August 2024! We are in the midst of preparing for your arrival and look forward to greeting you.

As a reminder, our lease start date for 2024 will be:

Sunday, August 18tH

 Residents may arrive beginning August 18th. We will have the most services and assistance available on this day. 

If you can’t make it on that day, it’s OK!  Check-in for your apartment will continue at service desks after the BIG check-in day on August 18.

Service Desk 1 provides move in services for Buildings 1 and 2

Service Desk 3 provides move in services for Buildings 3 and 4

Service Desk 6 provides move in services for Buildings 5, 6 and 7

If you have questions regarding move-in, please feel free to contact us via email at or via phone at (301) 314-2499.


On move-in day

At check-in, you can take advantage of:

  • Temporary unloading zones to alleviate the distance you need to move your belongings from your vehicle.
  • Dedicated check-in stations located in areas near your building.
  • Bike Registration- located at the service desks starting August 18

You need your University of Maryland ID card to check-in, receive your keys, as well as to access the front doors and elevators of the buildings.

Check-in Locations

Buildings 1 and 2 – Between Buildings 1 and 2


Buildings 3 and 4 – In front of Building 3


Buildings 5, 6, and 7 – The pathway between Building 5 and 6


Planning for your apartment

Below is a list of some items that are commonly asked if included.  This should help to plan what to bring to best enjoy your new home.

What’s included What’s not included
Full sized mattress
Entertainment stand
Coffee table
Garbage disposal
Kitchen utensils
Cooking utensils
Cable and Network wire
Shower curtain

Don’t forget to register for your resident portal before you arrive.  This will allow you to complete your Room Condition Report immediately upon arrival, submit work orders, and pay your bills!


Move-in Day Maps / Communications

The map below shows the move-in process and locations from this past year as reference.  We are currently still planning and preparing the move-in and will have this section updated with the 2024 information once available. 

Click the map for a walk-through of the check-in traffic flow, images of move-in locations, and helpful tips and information. 

Room Condition Reports

Upon move-in, residents must assess the condition of their room and apartment by completing an online Room Condition Report (RCR) documenting the condition of their space at the time of move-in.  Upon move-out, an inspection of their apartment is completed comparing the condition at move-in with the condition at move-out, to determine what is not normal wear and tear.  If an RCR is not completed or submitted, their room and apartment will be inspected with the assumption that all items and furniture were in satisfactory condition with no damage at move-in. The RCR may be accessed via the resident portal.

Alternatively, the RCR can also be accessed via an app, available for both Android and Apple.  See links below to download:


Please note, you must be registered for the resident portal to use the app.

Apple App Store

 Google Play Store