South Campus Commons is proud to share governance with the UMD Department of Resident Life (DRL). While Capstone On-Campus Management is responsible for the operational component – leasing, account management, maintenance, and the service desks, Resident Life is responsible for the judicial and programmatic aspects of the community.

The Resident Life Community Living Handbook is a useful resource for SCC residents and can be found at this location. Please read the Rights and Responsibilities section carefully as it contains the rules and regulations that the lease requires residents to follow, and describes the documentation and adjudication process that occurs in the case of a violation of these rules and regulations.

The Resident Life staff for South Campus Commons includes Resident Assistants, Resident Directors, and a Community Director. The RAs provide social and educational programs for their floors, and to serve as a campus resource for their residents. Their efforts are guided by several commitments to students:

  • Students should be given opportunities for active involvement in the campus community
  • Certain rights and responsibilities should be afforded to each community member
  • Community development should be nurtured and responsible citizenship taught
  • The academic mission of the institution should be supported and enhanced
  • An appreciation for and promotion of diversity should be apparent in the residence hall environment

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