Beginning with the 2014-2015 lease, South Campus Commons requires all residents to invest in Renters insurance.  South Campus Commons does not carry insurance on tenant’s personal possessions.  Renter’s insurance can provide protection for accidental damage, theft, fire and water damage, and more.  Please note, the tenant will be held liable for any damages he/she may cause to an apartment.  Damage caused to a unit by a tenant will be charged directly to the resident found responsible or split among the residents of the apartment if a responsible party cannot be determined, regardless of acquisition of insurance. 

Many tenants rely on their parents’ homeowners insurance policies for protection while residing in South Campus Commons.  Be sure to check your policy first as many will only provide partial coverage for personal property of the tenant, and do not cover liability.  Renter’s insurance covers personal property as well as damage to the property for which a tenant may be liable. 

Renter’s insurance rates vary from state to state.  The cost also depends on the insurance company and the coverage level selected. 

It may be beneficial to speak with an agent when selecting a policy, as some features of our properties could lower rates.  Agents may also recommend other protective measures for your student’s apartment that will lower the rates and further their protection.  Some policies also cover listed property outside the apartment. 

Click here for an informational pamphlet on renter’s insurance.  South Campus Commons does not specifically endorse the company in the provided pamphlet.  We provide this for informational purposes only to aid in your insurance-provider research.