Students can manage their account online via the resident portal. If they still need assistance after viewing the resident portal online, they may stop by the Management Office in Building 1 between 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday. They can also call us at 301.314.2499 or email us at

The lease is for a period of approximately 344 days. The total base rent is listed on the front page of the lease, and payments are made in twelve equal installments due on the first day of each month. The total base rent is based on the number of days in the lease. In other words, the 21 days before move-in are not included in the base rent.

Lease Payment


The first installment for each lease is due on August 1, and the last is due on July 1 of the following year.


Payment 1: August 1 Payment 5: December 1 Payment 9: April 1
Payment 2: September 1 Payment 6: January 1 Payment 10: May 1
Payment 3: October 1 Payment 7: February 1 Payment 11: June 1
Payment 4: November 1 Payment 8: March 1 Payment 12: July 1


All rental installment payments are due and payable as set forth by the lease on or before the first (1st) day of each month by credit card, certified check, personal check or money order. Rent must be paid in full. While rent is due on the first of each month, we do give a 10 day grace period before a late fee is charged to the student’s account. A five percent (5%) late fee will be applied to the rental account if rent is paid after 5:00 PM on the tenth day of the month. Late charges are considered and charged as additional rent.

While we offer the payment plan listed above for your convenience, this is the minimum amount which must be received each month. The total base rent may be paid in one, two, or three payments as well.


Payment Options and Information

Paying By Check Or Money Order
Make Checks and Money Orders payable to: South Campus Commons. No partial or postdated checks may be submitted. Please write your student’s name and apartment number in the memo section of the check.

Rental payments can be paid at the Management Office in Building 1, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Payments can also be placed in one of the rent drop boxes located near each 24-hour Service Desk (Buildings 1, 3 and 6) or the Management Office in Building 1, Suite 1101.

Rental payments can be mailed to the address below. Late fees are incurred for any payments received after the tenth of the month.

South Campus Commons
4250 Lehigh Rd., Suite 1101
College Park, MD 20740

Non-sufficient Funds: If we receive a returned check for non-sufficient funds (NSF) the resident is required to repay the amount of the check and all additional charges within forty-eight hours of notification. All returned checks are charged a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) returned check fee in addition to the five percent (5%) late charge, if this results in repayment being received after the tenth of the month. After two (2) NSF checks, we will no longer accept personal checks from your student; only certified checks or money orders will be accepted.

Paying Electronically
One-time or recurring electronic payments may be made on the Resident Portal using a credit/debit card or a bank draft. There is an additional service fee for using a credit/debit cards, however, bank drafts are free of charge.
Recurring Payments
If paying rent electronically, residents are encouraged to consider setting up a recurring payment through the Resident Portal. The recurring payment option is very easy to set up and manage.

Like one-time electronic payments, the use a debit/credit card (transaction fees apply) or a bank draft are all acceptable methods of payment. The recurring payment option allows your student to choose the payment method, payment amount, and payment frequency. Residents may edit their payment settings at any time to change them or to stop using the recurring option.

Financial Aid
As a University partner, we do not have access to the student’s Financial Aid. While the financial aid refund received may be used for rental installment payments, all payment deadlines and late fees remain the same regardless of the Financial Aid disbursement schedule. Please make plans accordingly.
Late Payments
Rental payments are due on the first of the month.

There is a ten (10) day grace period before a late fee is charged to the account.

If residents are unable to make the minimum rental installment payment, they should contact an Account Coordinator for assistance.

Please remember that the Lease is a legally binding contract and the resident is responsible for the total base rent.


Financial Appeals
Charges may be appealed by the resident under the following circumstances:

  • The charge was applied in error
  • There is additional information / documentation regarding responsible party
  • A resident is taking responsibility for charges applied to another account (Responsible party must select “Claim Charge Responsibility” below)

*Appeals will not be accepted from guarantors or any other party on behalf of the resident. Each resident must appeal his/her own damage.  Appeals will not be accepted from an individual on behalf of all residents in an apartment.

*Be sure to have all information and documentation completely assembled prior to submission.  Multiple appeals will not be accepted for the same charge.

Click on the “Appeal” button to submit the charge appeal form.  All fields must be completed. Please be as detailed as possible to aid our staff in accurately investigating your concerns.  Where possible, please include dates, times, work order numbers, or any other documentation available. Residents must describe the specific damage(s)/charge(s) they are appealing and the justification of why you are not responsible. We urge all residents to reference their lease prior to submitting an appeal.

If a resident wishes to claim responsibility for charges assessed to another account, please click on the “Claim Charge Responsibility” button below.  It is also highly recommended that the individual whose account was charged also submit an appeal and indicate that you are taking responsibility for the charges.

You will receive an email within 48 business hours to confirm the appeal has been received.  The resident will be contacted once a decision has been reached.  The process can range from 7 to 30 days depending on current volume and the complexity of the appeal investigation.  During this time, any documentation on file will be referenced in conjunction with resident-submitted documentation.

Please note: submission of an appeal does not negate the resident’s responsibility to pay.  Should the resident be found not-responsible for the charge, a credit will be issued (current residents), or a refund mailed (past residents).  Accounts not paid in accordance to the lease and its deadlines are subject to submission to collection agency and credit reporting.  The accounting and appeals processes are independent.  Payment of the charge does not influence  the outcome of an appeal in any way.


Claim Responsibility for a Charge  

Resident Portal
The resident portal is a free online service built to assist students in managing their account with South Campus Commons. In order to make an online payment, they will need to register.