Move-Out Deadline is Saturday, July 27 at 12PM

Below contains information about how to move-out of your South Campus Commons apartment/bedroom and how to check-out properly.  Please note that failure to check-out properly will result in a $100 Improper Check-Out Fee.

What if I’m moving out prior to Saturday, July 27? Am I still responsible for the installments?
Yes, you are still responsible.  You can move-out prior to Saturday, July 27, however you are still responsible for all installments through the remainder of your 2023-24 lease.  For example, if you move-out on May 18 (last day of final exams), you will still have two more installments posted on your portal on June 1 and July 1.  The last installment for 2023-24 will be on July 1.

*Installments not paid will be sent to collections.  This will negatively impact your credit, your guarantors’ credit, and your ability to obtain an apartment elsewhere in the future.   

How do I check-out at the Service Desk?
  1. Follow “Move-Out Checklist” at Bottom of this Page.
  2. Visit Your Service Desk.  During the summer months, the Service Desk in Buildings 3 and 6 will be operating at a limited capacity.  If they are closed please go to Building 1 Service Desk (open 24/7 throughout the summer).
  3. The Community Assistant will provide your with a Check-Out Envelope to fill out.
  4. Turn in your three keys (front door, bedroom, mailbox).
  5. Sign Your Keycard
  6. You’re Done
When do I get a security deposit back?
You do not have a security deposit at South Campus Commons.  The $300 reservation payment you gave to us when you signed your lease was applied to your first installment.  If you do have a positive balance after July 27 a check will be mailed to your address (address you leave on your check-out envelope) within 6-8 weeks.
How do I forward mail?
Prior to checking out, please check your mailbox one last time.  Mail is not forwarded by South Campus Commons, and you will have to visit the USPS website to have your mail forwarded to your new address.  Also, any packages we receive after you move-out will be returned to the sender.
How should I leave my bedroom/apartment when I move out?
Your Bedroom:  Remove all belongings, remove tacks or nails, wipe down all hard furniture to remove dust, and vacuum.

Bathroom:  Wipe down sink, bathroom counter, drawers, clean floor, clean toilet, clean mirror, wipe down tub, remove any stickers, items on walls.

Common Area:  Remove all of your items from the common area (kitchen, closets, laundry room, living room, balcony, etc).  Anything left behind that is yours will result in possible charges.

Common area must be left in a clean and satisfactory condition.  Any trash left in common area will result in a charge ($80 per bag of trash).  Clean all floors, clean fridge/freezer, stove, clean inside kitchen drawers, wipe down kitchen counters, wipe down hard furniture in living room.  Please work together with your roommates.

*TIP | The most common item residents forget to do is leaving food in the fridge/cabinets.  Make sure you trash out to avoid damage charges.


A $100 Improper Check-Out Fee will be charged to your account, and you will also be charged a $100 lease holdover fee per day.  Our maintenance, cleaning, and painting crew will begin work right at 12pm on Saturday, July 27 to get spaces ready for the next student moving into your space.

How are damage charges assessed?


Failure to check-out at the South Campus Commons Service Desks will result in a $100 Improper Check-Out Fee.  Example:  Leaving keys in your apartment and not checking out at Service Desk will result in an Improper Check-Out Charge. 

Also, there will be a $100 per day fee for each day or portion of a day that you remain past the move out date and time plus any additional charges according to The South Campus Commons lease.

Normal wear and tear are defined as damage that naturally and inevitably occurs when a resident lives in an apartment. If you are not sure about whether something is normal wear and tear, use these guidelines.

Examples of normal wear and tear:

  • Small scratches or nicks in paint
  • Worn carpet (not including stains)
  • A few small tack holes
  • Cabinet door that will not close or loose towel rack

Examples of NOT normal wear and tear:

  • Permanently stained or burned carpets or counters
  • Smoke damage
  • Permanently stained, torn, or broken furniture
  • Permanently stained or broken kitchen tile
  • Holes in the wall
  • Missing furniture or contents
  • Excessively torn or broken blind slats
  • Garbage or personal items left in apartment
  • LED Strip Lights that leave behind sticky residue, wall damage, or paint damage.
  • Dirty Bathroom (Tub/Toilet, etc)
  • Broken/cracked windows
  • Burned/scratched/damaged/stained vinyl/plank/carpet/tile flooring
  • Cracked/damaged/stained toilets, tubs and mirrors
  • Dented/burned/cracked/damaged/stained residue covered appliances, sinks, doors, cabinets and light fixtures
  • Broken/damaged fridge shelves or shelf holders/guards
  • Grease or burnt residue on/in stove/oven

Residents are expected to leave their apartment in a good condition, similar to when they moved in.  Damages to bedroom/bathroom spaces will be charged to the individual directly.  Damage charges for common areas will result in the charge being split by all apartment occupants evenly.  For example, if there is a bad stain on carpet in your bedroom, that charge would be charged to yourself.  If there is a bad stain in the common area carpet (and if no one takes responsibility for that carpet stain, and there was no mention of it in a Room Condition Report), then that charge will be split evenly by all apartment occupants.

*If you would like to claim responsibility for damage in your apartment you can do this on your check-out envelope when you move out.  This would prevent your roommates from receiving these charges.  All common area damages will be divided equally among residents of the apartment if no one claims responsibility. 

How can a roommate take responsibility for damages?

On the back of the move-out envelope it lists an area where you can claim responsibility for damages in the common area.  If no one takes responsibility of damages in the common area, charges will be split evenly amongst roommates.

I need to stay a couple extra days. Is this ok?
You must be moved out by Saturday, July 27 at 12pm.  There are no exceptions to this.
I moved out but forgot to turn in my keys, is it ok if I mail them in?

Keys will not be accepted via mail.  Any key that we do not get back when you check out will result in a charge. 

Can I move out before the end of the lease year?

Residents may be required to move-out due to academic / judicial ineligibility or voluntary transferring their lease.  Residents who check-out prior to the conclusion of their lease without a re-lessor remain financially responsible for their lease.  Departing residents must remove all belongings and properly check-out at the South Campus Commons Service Desk.  After a resident moves out, regardless of the time of year or relation to the conclusion of the lease, a move out inspection will be conducted by staff.  The departing resident will be held responsible for cleanliness and damage in their bedroom.  All residents of the apartment share responsibility for any damage in the common areas.  If a bathroom is shared, responsibility for damage and cleanliness will be shared by the residents.  For non-shared bathrooms, the individual resident will be responsible

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach us via email at or via phone at 301.314.2499.  The South Campus Commons Housing Office is open Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm.  We are here to help!

Move-Out CheckList:

  • All personal belongings must be removed, and no bags of trash left in the apartment.
  • No tacks, nails, shelves, hooks, etc. in the walls
  • Vacuum Carpet / Sweep/Mop Vinyl Floors
  • Clean/wipe down bathroom (tub, sink, toilet, and cabinet)
  • Clean/wipe down windowsills
  • Clean/wipe down all kitchen cabinets
  • Clean/wipe down refrigerator/freezer
  • Clean/wipe down stove top and oven
  • Clean/wipe down microwave
  • Empty the lint trap in the dryer and wipe off the washer/dryer surface
  • Remove any signs or stickers from doors and windows
  • Check your mailbox before checking out at Service Desk.  Forward your mail to the US Postal Service.
  • Close windows (not closing windows when you check-out and any damages from leaving windows open from weather will result in damage charges).
  • Lock your bedroom door.
  • Complete a Check Out Agreement Form at The South Campus Common Service Desks and turn in your keys (Keys must be turned in when checking out. Keys will not be accepted via mail).  Leaving keys in your unit will result in an Improper Check-Out Charge of $100.