Moving Out

Whether residents are transferring from one apartment to another or completely moving out of SCC, the information included on this page is useful.

Feel free to contact the Main Office with any questions by visiting them in Building 1 or email us at or call 301.314.2499.

Please note, we do not forward received mail after residents have moved out.  To have mail forwarded, please visit the USPS website.

Successful Move-Out Checklist

The following guidelines should be followed to ensure a successful move out.

  • All personal belongings must be removed, and no bags of trash left in the apartment. 
  • If the entire apartment is moving out, leave all cabinet drawers open. 
  • No tacks, nails, shelves, hooks, etc. in the walls (Do not use toothpaste to repair holes in walls!) 
  • Wipe down all furniture with a soft cloth to remove all dust 
  • Vacuum carpet, including inside closets and under all furniture 
  • Clean all mirrors, bathroom sinks and toilets 
  • Wipe down all sinks and bathroom areas; be sure there is no mildew build up 
  • Clean tubs and showers and remove soap scum from bathroom surfaces  
  • Clean all tile floors and vacuum/sweep carpets. 
  • Dust all blinds, windowsills, and baseboards 
  • Empty all cabinets and wipe them out 
  • Clean the refrigerator 
  • Wipe off the stove top, scrub the drip pans and clean the oven 
  • Clean the inside and outside of the microwave 
  • Put dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher and run it empty to clean it 
  • Empty the lint trap in the dryer and wipe off the washer surface 
  • Remove any signs or stickers from doors and windows 
  • Complete a Check Out Agreement form at your Service Desk and turn in your keys 
  • You must officially check out with the South Campus Commons staff at the Service Desk to complete the process

  • Leave a forwarding address to be reached in case of a rent refund or balance due
  • Normal wear and tear does not include:
    1. Dirty carpets, counters, appliances, or bathroom
    2. Dirty, torn, stained, or broken furniture
    3. Dirty or stained kitchen tile
    4. Marks on walls or holes in the wall
    5. Missing furniture or contents
    6. Torn or broken blind slats

To claim responsibility for damages, please complete the Damage Claim Form so we may bill accordingly.


Move Out-During the Academic Year

During the academic year, move-out is handled through the Service Desks. Service Desks are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist the residents. To be present for the move-out inspection of the apartment, residents must contact the Management Office at 301.314.2499 to schedule an appointment. All belongings must be out of the apartment and the resident must be ready to leave for good by the time of the appointment. The departing resident will be held responsible for cleanliness and damage in their bedroom. All residents of the apartment share responsibility for any damage in the common areas. In reference to the bathroom, if it is shared, it will be checked for only damage. If not, we will check for both cleanliness and damage.

Check Out Instructions


For a smooth and seamless move-out process please complete the following steps:

  • Remove all personal items from your apartment
  • Empty your mailbox before you return the key
  • Visit your Service Desk to:
    • Complete Check-out Agreement Form
    • Turn in keys (front door, bedroom, mail box, and Sabbath if applicable)
    • Sign your Keycard

    Where to Check Out:  

    • During the summer months, the SCC Service desks will be operating at a limited capacity during the summer with expectations to expand operational hours. Service Desk 1 will be the only 24/7 Desk while Desk 3 & 6 are operating in limited hours. If you are checking out during this period, please check out at Service Desk in building 1.

      • Prior to June and in the final few days of July, check-outs will be available at all service desks. 


  • Be sure to provide a forwarding mailing address to the US Post Office by visiting Packages and mail will not be held or forwarded by South Campus Commons.
Move out Checklist

Please utilize the following guidelines to ensure a proper move out:

  • All personal belongings must be removed
  • No tacks, nails, shelves, hooks, etc. in the walls (Do not use toothpaste to repair holes in walls!)
  • Wipe down all furniture with a soft cloth to remove all dust
  • Vacuum carpet, including inside closets and under all furniture
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Wipe down all sinks and bathroom areas; be sure there is no mildew build up
  • Clean tubs and showers and remove soap scum from bathroom surfaces
  • Clean bathroom sinks and toilets
  • Clean all tile floors
  • Dust all blinds, window sills and baseboards
  • Empty all cabinets and wipe them out
  • Clean the refrigerator
  • Wipe off the stove top, scrub the drip pans and clean the oven
  • Clean the inside and outside of the microwave
  • Put dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher and run it empty, to clean it
  • Empty the lint trap in the dryer and wipe off the washer surface
  • Remove any signs or stickers from doors and windows
  • You must officially check out with the South Campus Commons staff either by appointment with the Management Office or by Express Check Out at the Service Desk
  • Turn in your keys
  • Leave a forwarding address so you can be reached if you deserve a rent refund or owe any fees
Charges / Damages Information


You are not checked-out of your apartment until you return your keys to your Service Desk and complete the necessary move out paperwork. Failure to check-out properly will result in the following charges

  • $100 Improper Check-Out Fee
  • $100 per day for each day or portion of a day that you remain past the move out date and time.


Normal wear and tear is defined as minor damage that naturally and inevitably occurs when a residents lives in an apartment. If you are not sure about whether something is normal wear and tear, use these guidelines.

Normal Wear and tear:

  • Small scratches or nicks in paint
  • Worn or slightly stained carpet
  • A few small tack or nail holes
  • Closet or drawers off track
  • Cabinet door that will not close; loose hinges

NOT normal wear and tear:

  • Permanently stained or burned carpets or counters
  • Broken appliances
  • Permanently stained, torn, or broken furniture
  • Permanently stained or broken kitchen tile
  • Holes in the wall
  • Missing furniture or contents
  • Excessively torn or broken blind slats
  • Garbage or personal belongings left in the apartment

Residents are expected to leave their apartment in the same condition it was when they moved in.

If you have caused damage in a common area (bathroom, living room, kitchen) or have been charged for damage that you believe is in error, submit a damage claim or charge appeal form at to inform our staff so that we know to bill you instead of your roommate(s).

Not Moving Out

When a resident renews their lease for the exact same bedroom for the next lease year, they do not have to move out, but must adhere to all Summer Transition instructions between lease years.

If you have renewed your lease for the exact same bedroom but are leaving for an extended period prior to the start of periods between lease years, you will want to make arrangements to adhere to the below guidelines prior to your departure:

In the Kitchen

  • All Kitchen items must be in cabinets and cabinet space needs to be made for your new roommates. (Example: If you live in a 4 bed/2 bath and getting two new roommates, at least 50% of the cabinet space should be empty for new roommates.)  
  • The sink, stove, and counter tops must be free of personal items.  
  • Refrigerator must be cleaned out by the lease move out date and kept clean during the transition period.  Items can only be stored on the top shelves (bottom shelf must be clear) in the refrigerator.  Items should not be stored on top of the fridge.  Please limit clutter on the interior refrigerator door for cleaners to access.  

In the Bathrooms

  • All personal items in the bathroom must be off the countertops, bathtub, sink, floors and medicine cabinets.  
  • Cabinets and sink vanity must be emptied of all items.  
  • All bathroom items should be stored in the individual bedroom except the shower curtains may be left on. (If the person you are sharing the bathroom with is a same bed resident you don’t have to do this.  If the person you are sharing the bathroom with is moving out you do have to do this.)  

In the Living Area

Remove all personal furniture and store it in your assigned bedroom.  All personal items must be removed from the walls. This area cannot be used as storage (including that of incoming residents).

To clarify some specific conditions to ensure all are meeting these guidelines, please note the following variables:

  • If all residents are remaining in “same bed” assignments, nothing above applies. There could be other enhancement projects that may impact the unit but special notices will be sent accordingly.
  • If you are staying on campus throughout the summer, you can enjoy the common space through the lease end date. The above guidelines will take affect starting at noon on the lease end date through the lease start date of the next lease year.  This is typically about a 2 and 1/2 to 3 week period.  If you have plans to be away from campus at that time, please prepare your area prior to leaving.
  • All bathrooms that would be used by a new resident will need to be prepared (see above).

As a same-bed resident, you have continual access to your apartment. You should NOT return your keys to the Service Desk if you choose to be away from South Campus Commons for vacations.  Our goal is to ensure all new residents receive the same quality of housing when they arrive in August.

To prepare the unit, staff will be entering apartments between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm during the lease transition period.  Staff should also be able to walk freely around bedrooms of current residents for inspections.

Please be courteous of new residents. New resident move-in begins August 21, 2022 for this lease year. Keep your apartment clean prior to the new resident move-in and have empty common area space in the living room and kitchen (i.e. refrigerator and cabinets) available for the new resident(s).

SCC staff will be operating with limited services during the transition period.

To view additional information about the lease transition process and to view progress tracking tools, click HERE

Please call the main office if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if everyone in my apartment is returning same bed?  

A: If you fall under this category, we will not be turning your apartment because all of you are coming back for 2023-24.  However, if that were to change and one of your roommates were to re-lease their space, that immediately changes your apartment status, and we would need to turn the common area for a new roommate.  If that were to happen all apartment occupants will have to get their apartment turn ready by July 28th at 12pm. 


Q: What if I’m moving out prior to Friday, July 28?  Am I still responsible for the installments?  

A: Yes, you are still responsible.  You can move-out prior to Friday July 28th, however you are still responsible for all installments through the remainder of your 2022-23 lease.  For example, if you move-out on May 18th, you will still have two more installments posted on your portal on June 1 and July 1. The last installment for the 2022-23 lease agreement will be on July 1. 


Q: What if I don’t check-out by 12pm on Friday July 28th?   

A: You would be subject to an improper check- fee being charged to your account and you will also be charged a $100 lease holdover fee per day.   


Q: I need to stay a couple extra days.  Is this, ok?   

A: You must be moved out by Friday, July 28th at 12pm.  There are no exceptions to this. 


Q: Do I get a security deposit back?   

A: You do not have a security deposit at South Campus Commons.  The $300 reservation payment you gave to us when you signed your lease was applied to your first installment (August).  If you do have a credit (positive) balance after July 28th, 2023, a check will be mailed to your forwarding address within 6-8 weeks. 


Q: After I return my keys, can I come back to my apartment before my lease is over? 

A: Once you turn your keys into the desk, you cannot go back and reclaim the keys at a later time. After you check out, we inspect the room and begin the process of preparing it for the next resident. Any items left behind are discarded within 48-hours of your departure.  


Q: Can I leave my shelves, mirrors, posters, clothes, or other belongings for the incoming resident?  They really want them! 

A: You cannot leave items in your room for the incoming resident (even if you are re-leasing)!  If you do so, we will remove the items and charge your account for removal of belongings.  There are far too many residents for our staff to keep track of personal items.  


Q: How long does the Check-Out process take? Can I leave my keys in my room? 

A: It only takes 5 minutes (or less!) to return your keys, sign your key card, and fill out your Check Out Agreement. But, it is important to note that the lines can be very long at the Service Desk on the morning of July 28th. If you want to avoid the lines and potentially long wait times, check out before July 28th.  Please do not leave your keys in your room or give them to another person as you are still held responsible for the key until you return them to the Service Desk.