General Information


South Campus Commons is located adjacent to the South Hill Community residence halls at the southern edge of the campus. The 7 apartment buildings house 2178 students and are all single bedrooms within apartments which range from 4-bedroom/2-bathroom units, 2-bedroom/2-bathroom units, and a limited number of three-bedroom, one-bedroom, and studio units.

Capstone staff manages the leasing, maintenance, service desk operations, and all financial matters for South Campus Commons. The UM Department of Resident Life manages the residence life program including the hiring and supervision of Resident Assistants who live and work in each of the halls.

The leasing process for The Courtyards at University of Maryland (CTY) and South Campus Commons (SCC) 2024-2025 lease year begins on November 8 2023.

To view the University of Maryland Housing website for South Campus Commons and The Courtyards, please visit:



Each January, our resident lease renewal process begins. Current residents will be given the option to stay in their current bedroom for another year, transfer to another bedroom or another apartment, bring friends into the apartment, or leave SCC altogether.

The new resident application process occurs concurrently.  New residents will select their spaces after the current resident renewal process has concluded.  Please see additional information below regarding the new resident application process.



New-resident leasing for 2024-2025

The Process

If a student is considering leasing in South Campus Commons or the Courtyards, filling out an online leasing application is the first step. There is no obligation by completing this application; it only indicates a student’s interest in leasing at the South Campus Commons or the Courtyards.

Only students who complete the online application by the applicable deadline will be eligible to sign a lease for 2024-2025. The leasing application will be available online beginning November 13, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. by logging into the StarRez Portal and select the “Commons / Courtyards” link.

  • To be listed as a pull-in by a current SCC/CTY resident renewing their lease, Leasing applications must be submitted prior to February 9, 2023 at 11:59PM EST.
  • All applications are due by February 8, 2024 to participate in online apartment selection or be pulled-in by a current resident. 
  • Any student who submits a leasing application after the deadline will lose their priority group status and only be eligible to make a selection after all other applicants have had a chance to choose from available vacancies.

Please Note: The leasing application is the same for both SCC and CTY (i.e. you only need to submit one leasing application for the 2024-2025 year). Completing the no-obligation leasing application does not affect your status as Residence Hall student or prevent you from participating in room selection if you are eligible to do so and decide you don’t want to sign a lease in Commons or Courtyards.

    • Leasing eligibility is determined by the University of Maryland’s Department of Resident Life.
    • Students must be in good academic and student conduct standing with the University to be eligible to sign a lease.
    • Lease-holders must be students registered full-time at the University of Maryland, College Park.
    • Students who live in on-campus residence halls will have selection priority before students who live off-campus can select rooms. All students must submit a 2024-2025 SCC/CTY leasing application by February 8th at 11:59pm.
    • To be pulled in to either community by a current SCC/CTY resident, you must either be a current SCC/CTY resident, a rising 3rd year (rising junior*) on-campus resident student, or a rising 4th year (rising senior*) on-campus Residence Hall student. Your year is based on the number of semesters you’ve been in college since graduating from high school. Note: Credits are not considered in assigning priority groups
    • The chart below outlines the order of priority for leasing in South Campus Commons and The Courtyards.  This priority order is based on the Department of Resident Life’s Housing Commitment Policy.

      Order of Priority for SCC/CTY Leasing appointments Group Description Number of Semesters of Undergraduate Study # of Semesters of Undergraduate Study (including the Spring 2020 semester) Eligible to be pulled in to spaces by current SCC/CTY Residents?
      1st Priority On-Campus Residents – “Rising Juniors”* 3-4 Yes
      2nd On-Campus residents – “Rising Seniors”* 5-6 Yes
      3rd On-Campus residents – “Rising Sophomores”* 1-2 No
      4th On-Campus residents – “Rising 5th year Senior”* 7 + No
      5th Off-Campus Students including Fraternity and Sorority residents Any Number No


      *As defined by the Department of Resident Life’s Housing Commitments Policy based upon number of semesters enrolled at any college or university. Visit the Housing Commitments Policy for additional information. If you have questions, please email

Date Leasing Activity
November 13, 2023 The 2023-2024 leasing application and Mixed Gender Apartment Living Applications (for potential new residents) are available online
November 2023 – February 2024 Online Information Sessions
January 8 2024 – February 8, 2024 at 4pm Current residents of Commons and Courtyards complete intent to return forms and indicate whether they will be pulling in a potential roommate.
February 8, 2024 at 11:59PM EST Deadline for All Applicants: Current SCC/CTY Residents, New Applicants, New Mixed Gender Applicants
February 12, 2024 Returning Mixed Gender Lease Signing
February 14, 2024 at 10:00AM EST Mixed Gender Apartment Selection meeting for group leaders of approved new applicant groups. Zoom Meeting
February 16, 2024 5:00PM Webinar reviewing the Group Formation and Apartment Selection Modules
February 16, 2024  Appointment times for New to SCC/CTY Students will be available to view in the StarRez Housing Portal
Friday, February 16, 2024  Current residents who selected the transfer option and all new applicants who met the priority deadline can begin to create groups in the StarRez Housing Portal. Group formation portal will stay open until SCC/CTY Apartment Selection is completed.
February 20, 2024 10:00am Current Resident Transfer Leasing – Group Leaders will select rooms on behalf of their group members.
February 21 – February 22 Apartment Selection for Prospective Residents (SCC/CTY Apartment Selection) – Group Leaders will select rooms on behalf of their group members. 
February 21, 2024 at 4PM EST Deadline to submit a late application to participate in SCC/CTY Apartment Selection in the 6th/LATE priority group. (NOTE: Anyone who falls in the LATE category loses all priority group privileges).
February 26 at 11:59PM EST Deadline to sign leases. Any leases not received by 12:00PM will be canceled.


Information Sessions


Date Place Time
Wednesday, November 8, 2023 Virtual 12:00pm
Thursday, November 16, 2023 Prince Frederick Multipurpose Room  5:00pm
Tuesday, November 28, 2023 Annapolis Multipurpose Room  5:00pm
Tuesday, December 5, 2023 Oakland  Multipurpose Room 5:00pm
Thursday, January 25, 2024 Oakland Multipurpose Room 5:00pm
Friday, January 26, 2024 Prince Frederick Multipurpose Room 5:00pm
Wednesday, January 31, 2024,  Leonardtown Multipurpose Room 5:00pm
Tuesday, February 6, 2024 Virtual 12:00pm



All tours will convene in the Building 5 lobby & seminar room 

  • Tuesday. November 14, 2023 – 4pm – 6:30pm
  • Thursday, February 1, 2024 – 4pm – 6:30pm
  • Friday, February 2, 2024 – 4pm – 6:30pm
Appointment Requirements

Being assigned a leasing appointment time does not mean that you are guaranteed a space in Commons or Courtyards. A leasing appointment offers you the opportunity to attend a virtual leasing meeting to see what apartment spaces are available at that time. Leasing appointment times are based on leasing numbers (akin to a Resident Life priority number; see below for an explanation of leasing numbers). As students with better (i.e. lower) leasing numbers attend their leasing appointments and sign leases for particular spaces with their eligible pull-ins, the number and types of available apartment spaces will be reduced. Remember, submitting a lease application and accepting a leasing appointment time also does not obligate you to sign a lease. However, if you choose to accept an apartment space during your leasing appointment you will be required to sign a lease.

To complete the leasing process, you will need to be prepared with the following.

  1. Payment of $300 for Lease Reservation Fee (applied to first month’s installment)
  2. Your social security number
    1. Any digital submission of SSN’s will be via encrypted means.
    2. SSN’s are not stored on any COCM or UMD system.
  3. The guarantor your submit on your application must completed the Guarantor Form via DocuSign. This will be sent to them when you are sent your lease.


Please note, you will only submit payments if you actually choose a space and sign a lease. No money or checks will be collected if you do not sign a lease.

Mixed Gender Housing

For information about the Mixed Gender Housing program as it is housed in South Campus Commons and The Courtyards, please visit:

Lease Transfer

Genral Information

On occasion students inquire about the difference between “Lease Transfer” and “Subletting” their apartment. Hopefully this information will shed light on the difference between the two and why only Lease Transfer is permitted at South Campus Commons.

Subletting means that you being allowed by someone to use their apartment that they are renting for a period of time in return for payment. When subletting the lease holder is still financially responsible for the apartment and any damages that might occur even though someone else is living there. Please review the section on “Illegal Subletting” for more information on this process. Subletting is not permitted at South Campus Commons.

Lease Transfer is the official process of transferring financial responsibility for a South Campus Commons lease to another eligible student prior to the lease end date in July.  Any students who study abroad, graduate, withdraw from the University, or need to leave due to financial constraints, must use this process.   Once and apartment lease is transferred, the lease is formally ended for the original resident, which means that they will no longer have access to that space and community services and they are released from the financial obligation.  The re-lessor is then fully financially responsible and receives full rights of access to the space and corresponding services.

This formal process, which is completed through the Leasing Office, is necessary in order to protect the original leaseholder and the incoming resident. Therefore, the process outlined below must be followed for a Lease Transfer to occur.

Rental Cost

2024 – 2025 RATES ARE BELOW.

Apartment Type Twelve Installments Total Cost
4 Bedroom/ 2 Bathroom $1,036 $12,432
3 Bedroom/ 2 Bathroom $1,084 $13,008
2 Bedroom/ 2 Bathroom $1,186 $14,232
1 Bedroom/ 1 Bathroom $1,424 $17,088
Studio $1,408 $16,896

*Twelve installments per person for a standard term of August 18, 2024 to July 28, 2025.

To view floor plans, click here.

*Rates are per person

Payment Structure
The following Rent Collection Policy is incorporated by reference and made a part to the Lease between Landlord and Tenant.

1. All Installments of Base Rent are due and payable as set forth by the Lease on or before the first (1st) day of each month by cashier’s check, certified check, personal check, credit card, electronic funds transfer, or money order. Current residents ONLY are eligible to use credit card and electronic funds transfer through the online Resident Portal. Credit card payments are currently accepted with a 2.5% transaction fee. No bills, invoices or statements will be sent.

2. It is the payee’s sole responsibility to ensure that all electronic payments are submitted without error and sufficient funds are available by the 10th of each month by 5:00 p.m. or else a late fee will be assessed to Tenant’s account.

3. Installment payments for South Campus Commons shall be made payable to “South Campus Commons” and mailed to South Campus Commons, 4250 Lehigh Rd., Suite 1101 College Park, MD 20740 in time to be received by the 10th of the month or paid at the Management Office of the same address Monday through Friday during business hours. Rent payment drop boxes are available in SCC Building 1, Building 3 and Building 6 near the Service Desks.

4. Installments must be paid in full. Partial payments, incomplete (lacking amount, signature, Tenant’s first and last name, and Tenant’s unit) checks and postdated checks are not acceptable, and may be mailed back to the address of record for the Tenant. If such payment is submitted, the Tenant is responsible for any resultant late fees, NSF fees, and bank fees that may result. The full name and apartment number of the resident should be in the memo section of the check.

5. There will be a five percent (5%) late fee charged to Tenant’s rental account if any Installments of Base Rent is paid AFTER the tenth (10th) day of the month by 5:00 p.m. Late charges are considered to be and are collectible as additional rent. Late fees will apply despite weekends or holidays during which the management office is closed.

6. If any Installment of Base Rent is not paid in full by the first (1st) day of the month at 5:00 p.m., legal action may be taken to collect same and/or to recover possession of the Premises. The cost for all such actions will be charged to the Tenant’s account. Personal checks will not be accepted for payment once legal action has been filed. In such event, the balance must be paid by cashier’s check, certified check or money order only.

7. Checks will only be submitted to the issuing bank once for payment. If Tenant’s bank returns a check for non-sufficient funds (NSF), Tenant is required to repay the amount of the check and all additional charges immediately upon notification. All returned checks are charged a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) returned check fee, in addition to the five percent (5%) late charge (if repayment is received after the 10th day of the month). After two (2) NSF checks, personal checks may no longer be accepted from Tenant; only cashier’s checks, certified checks or money orders will be accepted.

8. Any rent not paid when due will be reasonable grounds for termination and/or non-renewal of lease.

9. Any balance left unpaid for thirty (30) days following the lease expiration date may be submitted to a collection agency. In such event, a collection expense of thirty (30) percent of the total amount remaining due will be added to the original balance.

Management of Sensitive Information
Why do we collect Social Security Numbers?

In order to verify the identity of an individual, South Campus Commons must collect Social Security Numbers, which are the only precise identifier of an individual. No other information–full name, address, birthday, etc., is as accurate at identifying an individual as a Social Security number. This precision is vital when reporting derelict accounts to our collections agency, which then uses the Social Security Number to report the non-payment to a credit scoring agency.

Our ability to ensure consistent payment is dependent upon our ability to have credible outside enforcement. In addition to providing financial assurance to our organization, a Social Security Number provides financial security to the residents and their guarantors. Given that South Campus Commons experiences a high rate of resident turnover, we often have many residents with a similar name. Since the Social Security Number is the most unique identifier of an individual, it ensures that the account being sent to collections matches the person who owes the funds.

What documents require a Social Security Number?

  • Student’s Social Security Number is required only on the front page of the Lease.
  • Guarantor’s Social Security Number is required only on the Continuing Guarantor of Lease form.

Who has access?

Only management and leasing staff have access to Social Security Numbers. All staff members, must pass a background check prior to employment.

Social Security Numbers are never stored electronically. Documents containing Social Security Numbers are stored in locked file cabinets to which only management and leasing staff have access. The filing cabinets are located in the Leasing Office.

After a resident who is clear of any balance has moved out and his/her lease has ended, Social Security Numbers on the Continuing Guarantor of Lease and the resident’s Lease are blacked out. If the resident owes South Campus Commons funds, their file continues to be securely held in the office. Once their balance is paid off, the Social Security Numbers on the Continuing Guarantor of Lease and the resident’s Lease are blacked out. If the balance remains unpaid, the Social Security Numbers on the Continuing Guarantor of Lease and the resident’s Lease are blacked out after the account is sent to our collection agency.

Annually, past resident files are digitally archived by an outside contractor. Once they are saved to a DVD, the hardcopies are destroyed. Archiving is completed for a full lease year. A lease year is only archived once we ensure that all accounts are either settled or in collections and all Social Security Numbers are blacked out.

Guarantor Responsibilities
The Landlord requires, as a condition of this lease, a binding Continuing Parental or Sponsor Guaranty (the “Guaranty”), which Guaranty constitutes inducement for the granting of this Lease by Landlord. Landlord reserves the right to cancel this Lease in the event such Guaranty is not fully completed and submitted to the leasing staff at the time of application. The Tenant understands that the Guaranty must be obtained directly from the parent or sponsor and that landlord reserves all rights both civil and criminal, for any false execution or forgery of the Guaranty. The Tenant and Guarantor acknowledge that this Lease is for an essential necessity of the Tenant, and that The Tenant and Guarantor shall be fully bound by all of the terms and conditions hereof irrespective of The Tenant’s age or legal status. The execution of the Guaranty constitutes an additional insurance to Landlord of the performance of the covenants of this lease and shall not be construed as a release of The Tenant’s responsibilities and obligations hereunder. Tenants may not include themselves or another UMD student as a Guarantor for the lease. Parents are not automatically considered a Guarantor for the lease, and therefor do not share the same right of access to information for said lease if they are not a Guarantor. Only financial information and information concerning damages will be shared with Guarantor without prior tenant approval.

Study Abroad Information

Residents who re-lease their SCC apartment and leave for semester study abroad or co-op experiences are eligible to return to SCC the following semester, provided they remain in good academic, judicial, and financial standing with the University of Maryland. Leasing for the next academic year begins every year in mid-January. If they will be abroad at the time of leasing, it is important for them to discuss their plans with you, friends, and potential roommates prior to leaving.