Service Desks


Our community operates three 24-hour Service Desks staffed by student Community Assistants. The three Desks are spread throughout our 7-Building community, and each resident has 24-hour access to their assigned Service Desk.

The Service Desks are located in the lobbies of:

Building 1 Serves Buildings 1 and 2 301.226.0001
Building 3  Serves Buildings 3 and 4 301.226.0003
Building 6 Serves Buildings 5, 6, and 7 301.226.0006

During certain times of the year, such as holidays, summer, and school break periods, all Buildings are served by Desk 1 only.

Interested in working where you live? 
Then perhaps our Community Assistant position is perfect for you! Community Assistants (CAs) have the overall responsibility for the smooth running of a 24 hour service desk including providing service to residents, forwarding emergency calls, monitoring the safety of the building, managing the work order system, and logging/distributing packages.  Apply for CA Today!


Services Provided:

  • Emergency Situations
  • Contact a Resident Assistant (RA)
  • Loaner key for a lock out
  • Borrow a cart
  • Pick up a package
  • General questions
  • Assistance with work order
Spare Key Checkout
If you have locked your keys in your room, you may check out a spare key from your Service Desk. You will be required to show photo identification and will sign for the borrowed items.  Be sure to return them on time, or you will be assessed a fine. When you receive your keys at move-in, you will sign for them on a keycard, which lists the following key policies:

  • If a resident loses the front door or bedroom key, a core change is mandatory,and the resident will be charged$150for each core change.  It is imperative for the safety and security of our residents that you let your Service Desk know if you have lost your key
  • If a resident loses a mailbox key, a core change is not mandatory but the resident must still pay a $35 replacement fee
  • To checkout a spare key,the resident must verify identity with a photo ID and will sign the key registration card
  • If a spare key is not returned within one (1) hour,the resident will be charged a $10 fee
  • If a spare key is not returned within (1) business day, the resident will be charged $150 to complete an administrative core change for a loaned front door and /or bedroom key
  • If a spare key is requested by the resident more than five times during the lease year, the resident will be assessed a$50 frequent user fee each time the key is used thereafter.
  • All charges listed above will be charged to the resident’s account, and are due without any additional notice five (5) days after the replacement request, core change request, or loan.
Spare Swipe Card Checkout
A spare swipe card is temporarily checked out at the Service Desk for building access if you have lost your ID.  We encourage residents to go to Mitchell Hall directly and replace their ID at the cost of $20.

  • If a spare swipe card is not returned by5:00PM of the next business day, the resident will be charged a$10 late fee and the swipe card will be deactivated
  • If a spare swipe card is not returned 24hrs after deactivation, the resident will be charged a $10 replacement/lost card fee
  • There is no frequent-use fee for the swipe card.
  • All charges listed above will be charged to the resident’s account and are due without any additional notice five (5) days after the replacement request, core change request, or loan.
Sabbath Key Information
For those residents practicing Jewish Orthodox, special arrangements may be made in regards to keys and swipes.  Please visit the below link to make a request.

Sabbath Key Request

Check-in and Check-out
Express check-in and check-out services are available at your Service Desk. Please remember that while you may check-out of your room at anytime, check-out alone does not release you from the financial obligations of your lease. For more information, please see the section on the re-leasing process. In order to properly check out, the resident MUST check out in person at the service desk.
RA on Duty
Your Service Desk will contact the RA on duty for you if you need them to address an issue for you.
Key Appeals
If you believe you were mischarged for keys or swipes, please complete the below form:

Key / Swipe Appeals



Mailboxes are located next to the Service Desk of the Buildings 1, 3, and 6. Please make sure that friends, family, and associates know your correct building address– improperly addressed mail is considered misdirected and may not be able to be delivered. Packages and overflow mail are received at the Service Desk. However, packages that are not picked up within a two-week period will be returned to sender. It is also important to have your email set up in order to receive notification that a package has been delivered.

New residents can begin receiving packages as of August 22 through the end of their lease. An email notification is sent when a package is received. Be sure to set up your account through Testudo so that you can get these notifications. When you retrieve a package from the Service Desk, be sure to bring your photo ID so that your package can be released to you.

Your Address Should Be Written As Follows:

Your Name
Address, Apartment Number and Letter
College Park, MD 20740

*Attention* The zip code for SCC is different than the University’s zip code. It is important to use the correct zip code so that mail is routed quickly to SCC.

NOTE: The United States Postal Service, not campus mail, serves South Campus Commons. Thus, mail to or from campus will require postage in order to be delivered.

Mail Forwarding

We recommend that filing a change of address with the Post Office when you move in and move out of your apartment to minimize the interruption of mail service.

Upon move-out, please complete a Change of Address form in a local Post Office or online at the USPS website (There is a $1.00 service fee charged by USPS for completing the Online Change of Address process.)

Examples Of All Building Addresses:

Building 1:
Your Name
4250 Lehigh Rd., Apartment Number & Letter
College Park, MD 20740

Building 2:
Your Name
7524 Calvert Service Ln., Apartment Number & Letter
College Park, MD 20740

Building 3:
Your Name
4318 Knox Rd., Apartment Number & Letter
College Park, MD 20740

Building 4:
Your Name
4310 Knox Rd., Apartment Number & Letter
College Park, MD 20740

Building 5:
Your Name
6903 Preinkert Dr., Apartment Number & Letter
College Park, MD 20740

Building 6:
Your Name
6901 Preinkert Dr., Apartment Number & Letter
College Park, MD 20740

Building 7:
Your Name
6801 Preinkert Dr., Apartment Number & Letter
College Park, MD 20740



Our bicycle racks are reserved for South Campus Commons residents. Bike registration is free and you may register at any time during the year at the service desk. To have a bicycle on campus, you must register with South Campus Commons and it is recommended that you also register with University of Maryland Department of Transportation Services. This service is free and accomplishes the following:

  • Provides a record of ownership
  • Aids authorities in locating the owner of a stolen bike
  • Free lock-cutting service for registered bikes on campus

To register the bicycle with DOTS, complete their registration form.



To register with South Campus Commons, visit your service desk to register for your bike permit:

The permit you receive must be affixed to your bicycle as pictured below.  Bikes can only be parked at an SCC bike rack. Bicycles may not be parked at trees, railings, signs, or any area other than the bicycle racks provided. Bicycles are also not permitted in the buildings. All illegally parked or unregistered bicycles will be removed from the community.

University of Maryland bicycle regulations are available here.



It is a violation of your lease and campus policy to bring your bike or scooter inside the building.




South Campus Commons residents are considered on-campus residents for the purpose of obtaining a parking permit. Please contact the University of Maryland Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) at (301) 314-PARK or visit UMD’s parking services page for parking information, rules and regulations, and vehicle registration.

Waste Management

Each building has a trash room and recycling receptacle on every floor. In addition, there is a main recycling room on the first floor of every building. Residents are expected to dispose of all household waste at these locations. Please do not discard bags of trash and/or recycling in the small garbage cans throughout the property. This causes the cans to fill quickly and overflow, and is more likely to attract animals and pests.

Any trash or recycling bags left outside of apartments or in front of the trash room door remain the responsibility of residents. Following this policy helps us ensure that pests and insects do not attempt to take up residency in your apartment.

Each apartment is provided with one blue recycle bin that is located in the kitchen/common area; these bins are for use in your apartment only. Unfortunately, some recycle bins will likely be misplaced. If that happens, the residents are financially responsible for replacement of the bin.

South Campus Commons practices single stream recycling-no sorting required.  New recycling technology allows materials to be sorted at a central location. If it is recyclable, put it in the bin. Recycling reduces the amount of garbage you put out for collection…which helps us all in the long run! Below is a list of items that CAN be recycled:

Paper: Newspaper, magazines, computer paper
Plastic Containers: #1-7 bottles, jugs, trays, etc.
Cardboard: cereal boxes, frozen food packaging, etc.
Aluminum: cans, containers, foil, pie pans, etc.
Books: paperback, textbooks, hardback, phone
Steel/Tin Cans: soup cans, fruit cans, etc.
Waxed Cartons: milk and juice cartons
Glass: jars and bottles
Plastic Bags/Film: must be contained within one bag!

Terps Live Green! Find out more about the sustainability practices and resources on campus by clicking this link!

Study Areas


Study lounges are available throughout your building, as well as conference/seminar rooms which are available for reservation. The Department of Resident Life Office located in Building 1 can help you reserve a room. Stop by anytime Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, to pick up a request form and see if the space is available.



Refer to the Resident Handbook to learn how to have a great experience while living here at SCC, including information about emergency preparedness, student conduct, and various leasing-related concerns.

Wired/Wireless Internet

South Campus Commons provides both wired and wireless Internet service in your apartment through the University of Maryland. All rules and regulations for use of the network apply.

If you are having Internet issues, call 301.314.DATA for network support. The Information Systems Unit also provides on-site field technician support in resolving connectivity issues.

Reminder: If you’re having trouble with a university IT resource such as Testudo or the MyUM portal, the place to find out whether there is a system-wide problem is the OIT Help Desk Web site: You can see a listing of known issues and scheduled outages there, and also use the IT Service Center to subscribe to updates on any listed issues.

TV Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks



The University of Maryland on-campus residence halls and Greek chapter houses, South Campus Commons apartments, and University Courtyards apartments have access to Xfinity streaming via You can connect your Smart TV to the Xfinity Streaming App by following these steps:


Step 1:


Download the Xfinity Stream app on your phone as well as your Smart TV and log into the Xfinity Streaming App on your phone. When logging into the app, please make sure to select “Xfinity on Campus students sign in here”. 
*Please note, your Smart TV should be registered and connected to the UMDiot Wi-Fi connection.


Step 2:


You then choose “University of Maryland” under the school option and sign in using your directory id and password when prompted. After signed in, follow the prompt on your Smart TV to sign is using the app.
*Please note, you must be connected the University Wi-Fi in order to log into this properly.


Still Need Assistance?


By Phone:
The Division of Information Technology (DivIT) handles issues with Xfinity on Campus as they have switched to a primarily streaming service. You may give them a call at: 301.405.1500


By Email:
To report your problem via email, the email address is Please include your name, South Campus Commons address as well as a brief description of the problem.


UMD DivIT Website

To submit a trouble ticket for cable problems, residents may visit:




Should an appointment be needed, appointment times are available as follows:


Monday –Friday from 9:00 am-4:00 pm


Saturday from 11:00 am-2:00 pm


Sunday 11:00 am-2:000 pm


Appointment times are not available outside of the designated ones provided above. The hours of operation for this service line are Monday through Saturday 8:00 am-9:00 pm. If you experience a problem after 9:00 pm or on a Sunday, please contact your designated Service Desk so that we can follow-up during the next business day.




Prior to our resident’s arrival for the Fall, South Campus Commons is fully inspected for bedbugs and treats any affected apartments to ensure a bedbug free arrival for all residents.  If a resident reports suspicion of bedbugs, Management is committed to conducting a prompt inspection and treatment if needed by a pest control company.

In order to stay on the cutting edge of eradication and to minimize the inconvenience to our residents, our pest control contractor uses a heat treatment. This process heats the apartment to a temperature of 135 degrees and sustains this for a period of three hours, killing any insects that might be present.

What If I Get Bitten?
Most bedbug bites are actually painless, but may later turn into large, itchy skin welts. These welts do not have a red spot in the center, as do the bites from fleas. While bedbugs are a nuisance, they are not known to spread diseases to humans.
How Does An Apartment Become Infested With Bedbugs?
In most cases, people carry bedbugs into their homes unknowingly in infested luggage, furniture, bedding, or clothing. Used furniture, textiles, and clothing could be infested with bed bugs unbeknownst to the seller or buyer. Bedbugs may also travel between apartments through electric conduit, small crevices or cracks in walls and floors.
How Can I Keep Bedbugs Out Of My Apartment?
Wash clothing and inspect luggage immediately after returning from a trip. Inspect used items such as furniture, textiles, or clothing for bed bugs before bringing it into the apartment. Never bring discarded bed frames, mattresses, box springs or upholstered furniture into the apartment.
How Do I Know If My Apartment Has Bedbugs?
Residents may notice itchy skin welts. They may also see the bedbugs themselves, small bloodstains from crushed insects, or dark spots from their droppings. It is often hard to find them because they hide in or near beds, other furniture, and in cracks.
Do Bedbugs Only Infect Dirty Apartments?
Having bedbugs doesn’t mean that a person or their home is dirty. These pests have been found in the most exclusive and prominent of places, such as five star hotels and luxury cruise ships. They don’t discriminate between one star and five star; bedbugs can be found everywhere.

Maintaining a clutter-free environment, however, will make it easier to eliminate bedbugs if they should be found in your apartment.

What Should I Do If I Think My Apartment Has Bedbugs?
Contact the Management Office at once so that we may conduct a thorough inspection. We will provide the resident with step-by-step instructions for preparing for an inspection and treatment, if necessary.
I Had Bedbugs. How Can I Keep My Infested Items From Infesting Someone Else’s Items/Apartment?
Never resell or donate infested furniture, textiles or clothing. When throwing infested furniture away, make it undesirable to others by cutting or poking holes in the upholstery or making it unusable. Paint or tape a sign to it that says “Infested with Bed Bugs”.
More Information
For more information regarding how to prevent introducing bed bugs to our community, we recommend referring the following videos:

How to protect against bedbugs when traveling and Bedbug Basics: 10 tips to protect yourself