Service Desks


Our community operates three 24-hour Service Desks staffed by student Community Assistants. The three Desks are spread throughout our 7-Building community, and each resident has 24-hour access to their assigned Service Desk.

The Service Desks are located in the lobbies of:

Building 1 Serves Buildings 1 and 2 301.226.0001
Building 3  Serves Buildings 3 and 4 301.226.0003
Building 6 Serves Buildings 5, 6, and 7 301.226.0006

During certain times of the year, such as holidays, summer, and school break periods, all Buildings are served by Desk 1 only.



When sending mail or packages to your student it is important that their name and mailing address are on the package, including their apartment number. Residents will receive an email when their package has been logged at the Service Desk and they can pick it up, with their Student ID, twenty-four hours a day.

Your Student’s Address Should Be Written As Follows:

Resident Name

Address, Apartment Number and Letter

College Park, MD 20740

*Attention* The zip code for SCC is different than the University’s zip code. It is important to use the correct zip code so that mail is routed quickly to SCC.

Building Addresses Are As Follows:

Building 1: 4250 Lehigh Rd.
Building 2: 7524 Calvert Service Ln.
Building 3: 4318 Knox Rd.
Building 4: 4310 Knox Rd.
Building 5: 6903 Preinkert Dr.
Building 6: 6901 Preinkert Dr.
Building 7: 6801 Preinkert Dr.

NOTE: The United States Postal Service, not campus mail, serves South Campus Commons. Thus, mail to or from campus will require postage in order to be delivered.