General Information


Welcome to South Campus Commons! We are happy that you have signed a lease with us for the upcoming year. As a resident, you are financially responsible for the entire lease term, which is approximately 11.25 months. Residents who do not plan to live at South Campus Commons for the summer should understand that while re-leasing is an option, you are bound by the terms of the Lease until you have successfully re-leased your apartment. Please see below for information about Re-leasing.

Each January, our resident lease renewal process begins. You will be given the option to stay in your current bedroom for another year, transfer to another bedroom or another apartment, bring friends into your apartment, or leave SCC altogether.



Read below to learn how to submit a Re-Leasing Request.

Additional information can be found on the UMD Department of Resident Life webpage.

General Information

On occasion students inquire about the difference between “Subletting” and “Re-leasing” their apartment. Hopefully this information will shed light on the difference between the two and why we only do Re-leasing at South Campus Commons.

Subletting means that you are allowing someone to use your apartment that you are renting for a period of time in return for payment. When subletting you are still financially responsible for the apartment and any damages that might occur even though you are allowing someone else to rent from you. Please review the section on “Illegal Re-leasing” for more information on this process.

Re-leasing is the official process of transferring financial responsibility for your South Campus Commons lease to another eligible student prior to the lease end date in July.  Any students who study abroad, graduate, withdraw from the University, or need to leave due to financial constraints, must use this process.   Once you re-lease your apartment, your individual lease is formally ended which means that you will no longer have access to your space and community services and you are released from your financial obligation.

This formal process, which is completed through the Leasing Office, is necessary in order to protect the original leaseholder. Therefore, the process outlined below must be followed for a re-lease to occur.

The Process

The following information is designed to help you navigate the re-leasing process, through which you can end your lease early by transferring it to another eligible student. Please review this information carefully, as you retain financial responsibility for your apartment until the re-leasing process has been completed in its entirety. We recommend submitting the Re-Leasing Request 2 – 3 weeks before your desired lease transfer date. However, finding a re-lessor can be sometimes be difficult, so we recommend that you start looking for a re-lessor as early as possible.

  • Step 1: Lease Holder finds a Re-lessor (an eligible student who is interested in taking over your lease). It is the Lease Holder’s exclusive responsibility to find a Re-lessor.
  • Step 2: The Re-lessor must complete a Commons/Courtyards Leasing Applicationin order to be able to complete the Commons/Courtyards Re-leasing Form.
  • Step 3: The Lease Holder and Re-lessor must each submit the Commons/Courtyards Releasing Form in the StarRez Portal.
    • After the re-lessor is approved, the Lease Holder will be prompted to complete their leasing paperwork online.
    • Once the Lease Holder has completed their portion of the re-lease agreement, the re-lessor will be contacted by the leasing office to complete their Lease, Guarantor Form, Re-Lease Agreement, and Confirmation page.  This must be submitted within 48 hours.
  • The Lease Holder retains financial responsibility and rights to the space until the re-lessor has completed the process.  If the re-lessor does not complete their paperwork by the deadline, rights and responsibilities for the space remain with the original lease holder and the process will need to be restarted.



A re-lessor’s eligibility will be determined after the Lease Holder and Re-lessor have completed the Releasing Form. Re-leasing eligibility is determined by the University of Maryland’s Department of Resident Life and generally includes the following:

  • Students must be in good academic, financial, & judicial standing with the University to be eligible to sign a lease.
  • Re-lessor must be the same gender as the lease holder (unless the lease holder is in a pre-designated mixed-gender apartment)
  • Fall and Spring Re-lessors must be undergraduate students, have been in college for at least one semester (freshmen are NOT eligible to re-lease in their first semester), and registered full-time at the University of Maryland, College Park.
  • Summer re-lessors may be undergraduate students who are affiliated with the University of Maryland College Park.


Who is Eligible? Fall Re-leasing Spring Re-leasing Summer Re-leasing
Fall First Semester Freshman at UMD N Y Y
Spring First Semester Freshman at UMD N/A N Y
UMCP Undergrad enrolled for Fall Y Y Y
UMCP Undergrad who was enrolled in the Spring N Y Y
UMCP Undergrad Enrolled only in the Summer N N Y
Student returning from Study Abroad Y Y Y
Transfer Student (must have Confirmed Enrollment for Semester in which they want to re-lease) Y Y Y
Non-UMD student who wants to live in friend’s apartment while friend is gone and isn’t affiliated with UMCP N N N

* needs documentation if not a UMD student

For more specific questions about renewal eligibility, please email the Manager for Housing Partnerships with the Department of Resident Life, at

Connecting Lease Holders and Re-Lessors
  • The OCH Database: A Resident Life resource that The Courtyards and South Campus Commons Lease Holders can use to post their vacancy and potential Re-lessors can use to search for vacancies.
  • Maryland Community Housing Facebook group: A housing resource that requires an email address to access.
  • The Courtyards and South Campus Commons Wait list: As a Re-lessor, you can join The Courtyards and South Campus Commons wait list by completing a Common/Courtyards Leasing application. Lease Holders can request this list so that they can reach out to interested students all at once.
  • You are also encouraged to use word of mouth! Ask your friends if they know of anyone looking to leave The Courtyards or South Campus Commons or if they know anyone who wants to move in to South Campus Commons or The Courtyards.
  • Lease Holders and Re-lessors can submit the Commons/Courtyards Re-Leasing Request Form anytime, but re-leasing appointments are only available between the 4th and the 20th of each month (except August, February, and March).
  • Failure to complete your appointment by the 20th of the month will result in you retaining financial responsibility for the following month.
    Re-lessor approvals can take 2-4 business days to process after the both the Lease Holder and Re-lessor complete their Commons/Courtyards Re-leasing Forms. The re-lessor will not be evaluated for eligibility until both parties have completed their Re-leasing Forms.
Appointment Requirements
Current Resident:
    • Your $100 lease transfer fee. This must be paid in certified funds*. Personal checks and cash are NOT accepted.
    • You must have a zero balance.
    • If your transfer fee and balance are not paid at least 2 business days prior to your leasing appointment, they must be paid at the appointment in certified funds.
    • Installment payments are due on the first of each month. The person in possession of the lease on the 1st of the month is responsible for the installment payment. Installments are not prorated and Capstone will not issue refunds for installments owed prior to the lease transfer. Any exchange of money relating to partial installment payments or personal refunds is solely between the leaseholder and the re-lessor.

*Certified Funds are available from a teller at your financial institution in the form of a cashier’s check. Money orders are available at 7-Eleven, CVS, The United States Post Office, Giant, and other retail locations.


New Resident:
  • $25 application fee. Check or money order made payable to “The Courtyards” or “South Campus Commons.”
  • $300 lease reservation (applied toward first month’s installment payment). Check or money order made payable to “The Courtyards” or “South Campus Commons.”
  • Social Security Number. While your card is not required, you must be able to provide your SSN.
  • Completed Guarantor Form
Moving Out
At your re-leasing appointment, you will select the current resident’s move-out date and the new resident’s move-in date.   The move-out date will be at least three business days before the new resident’s move-in date.  All belongings must be removed from the apartment, even if you are studying abroad and plan to return to the apartment or to South Campus Commons in the future.
Illegal Re-Leasing

Illegally re-leasing a South Campus Commons apartment to an unapproved individual is strictly prohibited.  If you are found to be illegally re-leasing your apartment, the leaseholder and the illegal re-lessor may be referred to the University of Maryland judicial process according to the Rights and Responsibilities handbook, Section B, 26.  As the illegal re-lessor, you will be required to move out of the apartment immediately or go to the Leasing Office sign a lease at South Campus Commons.

Failure to check in through the Landlord is subject to a $200 administrative charge.  Failure to check in or out at a designated Service Desk is also subject to a $100 improper check in/out fee. Furthermore, current residents who do not properly check their keys into a Commons staff member at the Service Desk are subject to $150 core replacement fee for the apartment lock AND a $150 core replacement fee for the bedroom lock AND a $35 replacement fee for the mailbox key. Only legal leaseholders will be permitted to sign out the replacement keys in such circumstances.

To avoid incurring these charges and judicial sanctions, and to preserve the security of our community, it is imperative that all residents use the re-leasing process outlined here.


2020-2021 Renewal Lease Information

Renewal Intention Forms are available ONLINE via the StarRez portal beginning in January.  A Continuing Guarantor form will also need to be submitted to the Leasing Office if you have not previously completed the paper guarantor form.

The deadline to submit your Intention Form is 4:00pm on February 9, 2019.

  1. To complete your Intention Form, go to your StarRez portal.
  2. Select 2020-2021 Renewal Intention Form.
  3. Complete your Intention Form by selecting the best option for you.
  4. Submit your completed Intention Form.

You must complete your Renewal Intention Form even if you do not plan to return to South Campus Commons for the 2020-2021 lease year. Any current South Campus Commons resident that does not submit an intention form online by 4:00pm on February 9th will NOT be permitted to sign a lease at South Campus Commons for 2020-2021.

Additional instructions with more detail will be available later in the Fall 2019 semester.

Who is eligible to renew?
Students who will be entering their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of undergraduate study in Fall 2018 who are in good standing with the university are eligible to renew their lease. Students who will be entering their 5th year of undergraduate study in Fall 2019 are also eligible to renew this year.
What are my options?
Eligible South Campus Commons residents will have several options on their Intention Form from which to choose. Eligible South Campus Commons residents may choose to: stay in the exact same space, transfer to a different bedroom within the same apartment or in a new apartment, pull-in other eligible students to vacancies in their 2020-2021 space, or decline renewal.
Want to transfer to a different bedroom in the same apartment or transfer to a different apartment?

Please keep in mind that when transferring to a different apartment, you must choose a unit that fills the number of vacancies in that apartment. This means you would be limited to selecting from units that have the same number of vacancies for the number of spaces available.

Students transferring to a different bedroom in the same apartment or transferring to a different apartment altogether should plan to vacate their current unit at the conclusion of the current lease year, in July, and move-in to their new apartment on August 20, 2020 (2020-2021 lease start date). Students who need to remain on-campus between lease years are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to renew the lease on their 2019-2020 space.

Want to pull in a friend?

The only students eligible to be pulled in are current residence hall students in the 3rd or 4th Commitment Group (rising Juniors and Seniors) who are in good standing with the University. Current South Campus Commons and Courtyards residents who are in good standing with the University are also eligible to be pulled in/transferred to your apartment.

If you want to pull in a friend, you must select an apartment that will accommodate the number of spaces for you and your friend(s) that you are trying to pull in. For example, if there are two of you, you may not select a completely empty four or three bedroom apartment. You would be limited to choosing units with only two open spaces.

Contact Information
Questions and concerns regarding the lease renewal process can be directed to the South Campus Commons Leasing Office via phone at 301-226-8001 or via email at
How to complete your intention form

A video tutorial for completing your intention form will be available in January.


South Campus Commons requires all residents invest insurance.  South Campus Commons does not carry insurance on tenant’s personal possessions. Renter’s insurance can provide protection for accidental damage, theft, fire, water, and more. Please note, tenant will be held liable for any damages he/she may cause to a unit. Damage caused to a unit by a tenant will be charged directly to the resident found responsible or split among the residents of the apartment if a responsible party cannot be determined, regardless of acquisition of insurance.

Many tenants rely on parents’ homeowners insurance policies for protection while residing at South Campus Commons.  Be sure to check your policy first as many will only provide partial coverage for personal property of the tenant.  Renters insurance covers personal property as well as damage to the property for which a tenant may be liable.  Renters insurance policies also tend to carry lower premiums.

Renter’s insurance rates vary from state to state.  The cost also depends on the insurance company and the coverage level selected.  According to Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIAB), the coverage cost for renters insurance is about $12 per month for $30,000 worth of property coverage and $100,000 of liability coverage.

You may benefit from speaking with an agent when selecting a policy, as some features of our properties could lower rates.  Agents may also recommend other protective measures for your apartment that will lower the rates and further your protection.  Some policies also cover listed property outside the apartment.

Click here for an informational pamphlet on renter’s insurance.  South Campus Commons does not specifically endorse the company in the provided pamphlet.  We provide this for informational purposes only to aid in your insurance-provider research.

Related article: “College Students Should Hit the Books on Insurance

Study Abroad & Proxy Information

Residents who re-lease their SCC apartment and leave for semester study abroad or co-op experiences are eligible to return to SCC the following semester, provided they remain in good academic, judicial, and financial standing with the University of Maryland. Leasing for the next academic year begins every year in mid-January. If you will be abroad at the time of leasing, it is important to discuss your plans with family, friends, or potential roommates prior to leaving. Please review this information carefully to ensure a successful return from studying abroad. Exact dates will be added to this section before the end of the fall semester.
Fall Semester
If studying abroad for the fall semester, follow the re-leasing process located on our website to secure a space for the spring semester. You would be considered the re-lessor in this situation and you may need a proxy.

A proxy is someone who acts on your behalf during the leasing process. While you will be completing the application, they will be attending the appointment, signing the lease, and paying any applicable fees. You will be signing the lease upon your return and before you move into the apartment. You can designate your proxy online at After logging-in, complete the “South Campus Commons Proxy Form.” Your proxy will be emailed the proxy form.

Your proxy will need to bring the proxy form, along with your $300 lease reservation fee (check made payable to South Campus Commons).  We recommend that you make contact with your proxy after the leasing appointment as they will have a copy of your lease confirmation, which contains important information about your lease. Most importantly, you must sign your actual lease before moving in.

Spring Semester
In order to return to South Campus Commons after studying abroad in the spring, students need to complete the South Campus Commons Intention Form. It is important to pay close attention to the deadlines, so that the opportunity to return to SCC as a resident does not pass you by. As someone studying abroad in the spring, there are two options for returning to SCC: pull-in or transfer.
SCC residents are able to pull-in eligible students into vacant bedrooms in their apartment. In order to be eligible for pull-in, you must be in good standing with the University and have lived in SCC the semester immediately preceding your study abroad/co-op experience. Additionally, you must be returning to SCC the semester immediately following your study abroad/co-op experience.

Residents can only pull-in eligible students into vacant spaces in their apartment; residents cannot pull-in eligible students into vacancies in other apartments. Being listed as an eligible pull-in does not guarantee you a space, as residents may list multiple pull-ins for a single vacancy in their apartment. The current resident has sole discretion over which of their eligible pull-ins they would like to pull-in to their apartment. If a current resident chooses you as their pull-in, you will need to have a proxy represent you at the pull-in appointment. The person pulling you in can be your proxy.

While returning to your old apartment may be the goal, please remember that there is no guarantee that this will happen. Part of re-leasing means that you have relinquished all rights to that space. If your re-lessor decides to transfer to another apartment within SCC or chooses to leave SCC all together, you may be able to return to your old apartment provided that a current resident of that apartment lists you as a pull-in on their intent form, or if your apartment is open at the time of transfer appointments.

If you are not pulled-in to an apartment, you will have the ability to select from any of our available spaces during transfer appointments. Transfer appointments are when SCC residents move/switch apartments within SCC, which occurs before we conduct Open Leasing with residence hall students.

On your Intention Form, you will be prompted to schedule a transfer appointment. These appointments are booked on a first-come first-serve basis, so be sure to complete your Intention Form early. Because you will be abroad at the time of transfer appointments, you will need to designate a proxy to represent you at your transfer appointment. Your proxy will be able to select from any of the available spaces at the time of your appointment. The earlier your appointment, the more options your proxy will have.

A proxy is someone who acts on your behalf during the leasing process. While you will be completing the Renewal Intention Form, they will be attending the appointment, signing the lease, and paying any applicable fees. You will be signing the lease upon your return and before you move into the apartment. You can designate your proxy online at After logging-in, complete the “South Campus Commons Proxy Form.” Your proxy will be emailed the proxy form.

Your proxy will need to bring the proxy form, along with your $300 lease reservation fee (check made payable to South Campus Commons).  We recommend that you make contact with your proxy after the leasing appointment as they will have a copy of your lease confirmation, which contains important information about your lease. Most importantly, you must sign your actual lease before moving in.

Summer Months
If studying abroad for the summer, there are some things to consider. Secure a space for the fall semester during the spring renewal process. There is no guarantee that there will be spaces available for fall at SCC when you return. We would hate to see you miss the opportunity to return. During the renewal process, the housing options will be to remain in the same bedroom for another lease year (same bed), or to transfer to another space either in your apartment or in another apartment.

If you choose this option, you may or may not want to release your space for the summer. One of the benefits of coming back to your same bedroom, is not having to move out on July 31 and not move in again until August 22. Not releasing means coming back from study abroad to your apartment, but it also means paying for months when you are not there.