Option 3 move out

At this time, we have decided to begin the process of proceeding with move-out.  As many students return to campus over three weeks to retrieve belongings and check-out, taking necessary social distancing precautions is an important priority for all of us.  To do this as safely as possible, we are instituting a move-out procedure that will limit the number of people that can be in an apartment at one time.  Move-out will take place between Saturday, May 23 through Sunday, June 7 by appointment only.

During this time, cleaning of high touch areas will continue to be completed for the safety of our residents and their families.

Please be aware of the following safety information / guidelines:

  • Per standing direction from state officials, all individuals must wear face masks or other face coverings during the move-out process.
  • Please bring all the materials you will need to complete your move-out (suitcases, boxes, protective gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, face mask or other face coverings, etc).
  • If using an elevator, please practice social distancing by restricting to one family per elevator at a time.
  • Please review expectations from authorities in your city, county, and state regarding any travel restrictions in your area before scheduling a move-out appointment


You have three options for completing move-out:

Option 3 | Contract (at your expense) with an authorized company to pack and ship your belongings to you. This option will take place between Monday, June 8 and Monday, June 15.

If you choose to contract for the packing and storage or moving services option, SCC residents may contact one of the three approved moving companies (listed below) directly to make arrangements for the packing and storage or shipping of the items currently in their rooms.  This service, which is billed directly to the student, uses video chat to engage students in the packing process.  All three vendors offer packing, storage, and/or shipping of belongings. They are considered essential businesses and can accomplish this work while practicing social distancing and in compliance with the Governor’s order.

Please review the three-step process to contract with a provider.

  1. Reviewing Requirements and Setting Up the Appointment
  • Contact the moving company(ies) using the link to approved providers.
  • They will schedule a date for your room to be packed and information on how to set up the video chat.
  • Complete this link by Friday, May 29 to notify SCC which moving company you have contracted with.
  1. Day of the Scheduled Packing Appointment
  • Be available by cell phone at your scheduled appointment time.
  • If a scheduling conflict arises and you will not be available by video chat on your scheduled date and time, please contact the moving company ASAP.
  • You will be contacted by a representative from the moving team at your scheduled window of time for video chat. Remember that this video chat’s primary objective is to ensure that items are identified appropriately and packed.
  • Occasionally, there are delays. Please be patient as the moving company may call you slightly outside of their time window. If you did not receive a phone call within one hour (60 minutes) on your predetermined packing reservation, please contact the moving company. We encourage roommates to communicate with each other ahead of time to determine which individual will pack any shared items among their belongings. During the room packing process, the moving company will only speak to the resident and family that has contracted for their move.
  • If a resident is unresponsive to the outreach from the moving company or UMD, including confirming by email and being able to chat by video or phone, your reservation will be canceled.
  1. After the Packing Appointment
  • Residents will coordinate storage, pickup, and/or delivery with the mover.
  • Residents will be billed directly by the mover.
  • You must return your room keys by mail to South Campus Commons.
    4250 Lehigh Road, Suite 1101

College Park, MD 20740

Key returns must be postmarked no later than June 15, 2020. Please email southcampuscommons@cocm.com and let us know your name, UID, and room/apartment number  so that we can look for the keys in the mail. For security reasons, if the 3 keys are not returned it will result in a $175 charge.


Exclusions and Special Considerations

All of the moving companies will have inclusions/exclusions that include, but are not limited to the two categories below. We encourage you to read all of your moving company’s terms and conditions to ensure you are aware of all inclusions and exclusions.


  1. Food, Beverages, and other Liquids


  • All unopened cans or boxes of solid food.
  • Bagged dry goods.
  • Spices, whether opened or not opened.
  • Lotions, liquid foundation, makeup, perfume, beauty, and skincare products.

Not Packable

  • Open food, especially any perishable items that could create conditions in storage that would invite small creatures/bugs, etc. will not be packed. Ex: a sealed box of pasta is okay to pack, but an opened container with only four cookies left is not.
  • Some cleaning products are considered hazardous materials.
    • Bleach, paint thinner, etc. and some other non-pump liquid cleaning supplies can spill and cause more damage in the storage process.
    • Additionally, if at any point a stored box needs to be shipped somewhere, it can’t be because of the liquid in a box.

Your moving company will dispose of any items deemed “Not Packable” without reimbursement.


  1. Dangerous or Prohibited Items

The safety of people and property is our priority, including how belongings are packed, and the protection of those individuals who will be packing items.

These items include:

  • Weapons (including knives with a blade three inches or longer (not including kitchen knives), spears, swords, souvenir weapons, firearms, ammunition, and BB, air, pellet or paintball guns, tasers, stun guns, expandable batons or impact weapons), etc.
  • Fireworks or other explosives.
  • Illegal drugs.

There is no reimbursement for the few items that we anticipate may not be packable. If you have a concern about a particular item in your room that you think may potentially be considered dangerous or prohibited, we ask you to discuss this with your selected moving company. 


Moving Services Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the approved moving companies?
UMD has approved three vendors for the packing, storage, and moving of personal belongings:

District Moving Companies JK Moving Services Von Paris Moving and Storage
Website Website Website
E-mail E-mail E-mail
Nick Lavato
(301) 843-6606
Ryan Harris
(571) 271-8095
Randy Gailey
(410) 888-8585

We encourage you to visit their websites and contact one or more moving companies to find the best price for the services you desire.

What are the costs for packing, shipping, and/or storage with the approved moving companies?

  • The cost to pack up and remove belongings from a resident’s room/suite/apartment will vary from company-to-company and will include standard packing material and services. Oversized and fragile items (i.e. flat-screen TV, bikes, futons, personal furniture) can be packed for an additional fee per item.
  • The companies listed above all offer storage in their facility, for an additional monthly storage fee, if desired.
  • Delivery/Shipping of packed items can be arranged with these companies. Rates will vary based on distance from campus and will be priced individually with the moving company.

We encourage you to confirm all prices for packing, excessive/oversized items, insurance/liability, storage, and/or delivery with the approved moving company you select. All costs will be billed by the moving company to and payable by the resident.


Other Important Information

  • Mail is not forwarded by South Campus Commons and you will have to visit the USPS website to have your mail forwarded to your new address. You will not be able to access your mailbox after you check-out.
  • For students choosing to utilize pack and ship, any/all items left in the apartment after Sunday, June 15 will be considered trash and disposed of.


Pack and Ship authorized companies:

After completing scheduling with a moving company above, please complete THIS FORM by Friday, May 29.  This will allow us to work with the vendor to retrieve items from your apartment/bedroom.

Other Options

Option 1 |Complete your move-out yourself by scheduling an appointment between May 23 and June 7.
Click Here for more information Option 1 and to schedule your appointment

Option 2 | Proxy Move-Out (Authorize a friend or family member (proxy) to retrieve your belongings on your behalf between May 23 and June 7)
Click Here for more information Option 3, scheduling, and a list of authorized moving companies