In order to lease from a current resident, students must complete the process of re-leasing. Re-leasing is the official process of transferring financial responsibility of an SCC lease to another eligible student (a re-lessor) prior to the lease end date.  Any student who studies abroad, withdraws from the University, or needs to leave due to financial constraints must use this process.


Once a resident re-leases their apartment, they forfeit all rights and responsibilities to that space. This is a formal process completed through the Leasing Office; therefore, for a re-lease to be legal, it must be completed through the Leasing Office. Please see below for more information about re-leasing.

Re-Leasing Information


On occasion students inquire about the difference between “Subletting” and “Re-leasing” their apartment. Hopefully this information will shed light on the difference between the two and why we only do Re-leasing at South Campus Commons.

Subletting means that a lease holder is allowing someone to use the apartment that they are renting for a period of time in return for payment. When subletting the lease holder is still financially responsible for the apartment and any damages that might occur even though they are allowing someone else to rent from them. Please review the section on “Illegal Re-leasing” for more information on this process.

Re-leasing is the official process of transferring financial responsibility for a South Campus Commons lease to another eligible student prior to the lease end date.  Any students who study abroad, withdraw from the University, or need to leave due to financial constraints, must use this process.   Once someone re-leases their apartment, the individual lease is formally ended which means that the original lease holder will no longer have access to the space and community services and they are released from their financial obligation.

This formal process, which is completed through the Leasing Office, is necessary in order to protect the original leaseholder and the new occupanct. Therefore, the process outlined below must be followed for a re-lease to occur.

The Process

The following information is designed to help you navigate the re-leasing process, through which you can end your lease early by transferring it to another eligible student. Please review this information carefully, as you retain financial responsibility for your apartment until the re-leasing process has been completed in its entirety. We recommend submitting the Re-Leasing Request 2 – 3 weeks before your desired lease transfer date. However, finding a re-lessor can be sometimes be difficult, so we recommend that you start looking for a re-lessor as early as possible.

  • Step 1: Find a re-lessor (a student who is interested in taking over your lease). It is your exclusive responsibility to find re-lessor.
  • Step 2: Your re-lessor must complete a South Campus Commons Leasing Application.
  • Step 3: Submit a Re-Leasing Request. If your re-leasing request is approved, you will be prompted to schedule a re-leasing appointment.
  • Step 4: Attend your re-leasing appointment with your re-lessor and complete your re-leasing paperwork.
Finding a Re-Lessor

Online Re-leasing Board

  • Throughout the year, South Campus Commons leaseholders may be in search of someone to re-lease their space to.  Prospective residents may view these boards to find a potential space to release. Current residents may also post advertisements in designated areas on campus. (Please note that SCC spaces require University approval before being posted).
  • Female Re-leasing Board
  • Male Re-leasing Board
  • Ask friends if they know of anyone looking to leave Commons.
  • Join the South Campus Commons waitlist by applying through the MyDRL portal.

Currently, any full-time undergraduate student at Maryland who is in good financial, judicial, and academic standing with the University is eligible. Your re-lessor’s eligibility will be determined once you submit your Re-Leasing Request and you will be notified via email. For more specific questions about renewal eligibility, please email the Manager for Public Housing Partnerships with the Department of Resident Life, at


You can submit your Re-Leasing Request anytime, but re-leasing appointments are only available between the 4th and the 20th of each month (except August, February, and March). Failure to complete your appointment by the 20th of the month will result in you retaining financial responsibility for the following month.

Appointment Requirements

Current Resident:

  • Your $100 lease transfer fee. This must be paid in certified funds*. Personal checks and cash are NOT accepted.
  • You must have a zero balance.
  • If your transfer fee and balance are not paid at least 2 business days prior to your leasing appointment, they must be paid at the appointment in certified funds.
  • Monthly rent installments are due on the first of each month. The person in possession of the lease on the 1st of the month is responsible for the rental installment. Installments are not prorated and South Campus Commons will not issue refunds for installments owed prior to the lease transfer. Any exchange of money relating to partial rent payments or personal refunds is solely between the leaseholder and the re-lessor.

*Certified Funds are available from a teller at your financial institution in the form of a cashier’s check. Money orders are available at 7-Eleven, CVS, The United States Post Office, Giant, and other retail locations.

New Resident:

  • $25 application fee. Check or money order made payable to South Campus Commons.
  • $300 lease reservation fee. Check or money order made payable to South Campus Commons.
  • Social Security Number. While your card is not required, you must be able to provide your SSN.
  • Completed Guarantor Form
Illegal Re-Leasing

Illegally sub-leasing a South Campus Commons apartment without completing the approval and re-leasing process is strictly prohibited.  If you are found to be illegally sub-leasing an apartment, the leaseholder and the illegal sub-lessor may be referred to the University of Maryland judicial process according to the Rights and Responsibilities handbook, Section B, 26.  As the illegal sub-lessor, you will be required to move out of the apartment immediately or go to the Leasing Office sign a lease at South Campus Commons.

Failure to check in through the Landlord is subject to a $200 administrative charge.  Failure to check in or out at a designated Service Desk is also subject to a $100 improper check in/out fee.  Furthermore, current residents who do not properly check their keys into a Commons staff member at the Service Desk are subject to $150 core replacement fees for the front and bedroom door. Only legal leaseholders will be permitted to sign out the replacement keys in such circumstances.

To avoid incurring these charges and judicial sanctions, and to preserve the security of our community, it is imperative that all residents use the re-leasing process outlined here.

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