SCC Turn Tracker

South Campus Commons same-bed residents can use this page to help them prepare for the lease transition period.  The calendars below are a tentative plan for when each building will get each trade for the lease transition period.  Please remember that in preparing over 500 apartments, this plan is fluid and can be affected by the amount of time individual apartments need.  The entry dates can move up or back by a day or two depending on how quickly the work is completed.

As stated in the South Campus Commons lease, entries can happen any day during this time between 8 AM and 8 PM, 7 days a week.  This will include completion of work, inspections, and go-backs and touch ups based on those inspections.

Below the calendars are up-to-date trackers.  These trackers indicate when an entire building is completed; so they may not fully reflect if your individual apartment has been visited for the given trade, yet.  These are updated daily, so there could be a lag from work completed the previous day.  These are meant to give an estimate of where the crews are in the process and do not reflect when teams need to go back to units based on individual inspection results.

The South Campus Commons team thanks you for your cooperation and understanding during the lease transition period, as we all work together to provide a welcoming environment to our incoming residents.

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