Welcome to the Lease Renewal Resource page.  Below you will find important information to aid you in your selection of housing at South Campus Commons and The Courtyards at the University of Maryland.

This year’s process will be conducted entirely virtually, for the first time.

SCC 2020-2021 Rates
Layout Rate
Studio $1,300 per installment
1 Bedroom/ 1 Bathroom $1,315 per installment
4 Bedroom/ 2 Bathroom $957 per installment
3 Bedroom/ 2 Bathroom $1,000 per installment
2 Bedroom/ 2 Bathroom $1,095 per installment
SCC Sample Lease
SCC Floorplans and Building Layouts
SCC Room Attributes

Click below to visit the Room Characteristics sheet and learn more about what options are available throughout the community to help you choose the best space for you!


Room Characteristics

CTY 2020-2021 Rates


Layout Rate
2 Bedroom / 2 Bath Quad (double occupancy bedrooms) $746 per installment
4 Bedroom / 2 Bath $811 per installment
4 Bedroom / 4 Bath $888 per installment
2 Bedroom / 2 Bath Standard $988 per installment
2 Bedroom / 2 Bath Deluxe $1,021 per installment


CTY Sample Lease
CTY Floorplans and Building Layouts
Floor plans Building layouts
Appointment Requirements

Being assigned a leasing appointment time does not mean that you are guaranteed a space in Commons or Courtyards. A leasing appointment offers you the opportunity to  see what apartment spaces are available at that time of your selection appointment. Remember, submitting a lease application or your intention form, and accepting a leasing appointment time also does not obligate you to sign a lease. However, if you choose to accept an apartment space during your leasing appointment you will be required to sign a lease at that meeting.

*Please note, those selecting to remain in their same bedroom on their intention form will sign their lease immediately.

Following your apartment selection, you will need to provide:

  1. Check or money order for $300 (Lease Reservation Payment) – new residents / pull-ins only
  2. Check or money order for $25 (Application Fee) – new residents / pull-ins only
  3. Signed and initialed lease (including SSN) and completed and signed confirmation page
  4. Completed SCC Guarantor Form or CTY Guarantor Form

You will only turn in the checks/money orders if you actually choose a space and sign a lease. No money or checks will be collected if you do not select a space.



Group Leader/Individual Selection Steps


These are the steps group leaders or single participants will take to select spaces during their designated appointment.

  1. Go to the StarRez Portal and select the Commons/Courtyards Leasing tab.
  2. Select the 2020-2021 Leasing Application Term to get to the Application Status page
  3. From the Application Status page, click “Continue to Open Leasing” at the bottom of the screen to begin selecting your space.
  4. Use the dropdown list to select the Property you are interested in.
  5. In the Initial Selection Screen, select the building you’re interested in (the building number is the first number in the apartment number, i.e. 1234 is in Building 1), this will bring you to the Room List
  6. Room List: You can narrow your selection using the checkboxes on the left or click “Room Info” to learn more about the room attributes. When you’ve decided on an apartment click “Add to Cart”. Note: You will have 10 minutes to complete the process beginning at the “Assign Room” stage.
  7. In the “Assign Room Screen” use the drop down menus to assign rooms to yourself and any group members.
  8. Continue to the Confirmation page and Click “Confirm Selection” to complete the process.


Rules for Selection

  1. Your group must fill the apartment. (e.g. a group of 1, 2 or 3 can not select a completely vacant four bedroom apartment)
  2. Only the group leader (or individual lessor, if not part of a group ) should access the selection module. Please refrain from using the StarRez portal if you are not actively selecting a space.
  3. Group membership can not be changed during scheduled appointments. After all appointments have passed, the group formation module will reopen for group changes.
Vacancy list

To view the list of available vacancies at South Campus Commons and The Courtyards, go to the Vacancy List in MyDRL.  Available spaces are split by Male and Female.  Any apartment with all bedrooms available will be listed under both genders’ list.

Vacancy List




Roommate Attributes Search
For apartments that have returning residents, students can view roommate attributes via the MyDRL portal.  After logging in, select “Commons / Courtyards MyDRL Portal.”  Under that section, select the menu icon (3 bars in the top left corner) and select “Roommate Matching.” You will be able to select your search criteria, or view resident attributes by room.
Completing your Checks

Each check should include:

  • The name of the selected community in the “Made to the order” or “To” field
  • The date of the appointment in MM/DD/YYYY format
  • The resident name and chosen apartment number in the “Memo” field
  • The signature of the check’s authorized signer
  • The amount should be written in the box as a number and spelled out on the line below